Culinary Industry
Ontario Fresh Premium Lamb is a culinary delight for today's consumer. Always the perfect choice for a quick and healthy dinner, lamb has the lowest cholesterol of all the red meats and can be enjoyed year round!

Lamb has always been the least popular of red meats in North America. People here prefer beef, pork and veal over lamb, mainly because availability and tradition. Of late, however, two factors contributed to an increase in lamb consumption; young well-travelled chefs discovered the fabulous taste of properly cooked lamb, and an influx of Middle Eastern immigrants (Greeks, Iranians, Arabs and North Africans) who traditionally have been exposed to fine-textured lamb. Yet, still the average American lamb consumption is 300 grams ( .7 lb) per annum , whereas in New Zealand the average is approximately 26 Kilograms ( 56.5 lbs). The British have bred many mutton species but now consume less than in previous centuries.

In Canada, Ontario is a large producer supplying Greek restaurants in Toronto and butchers catering to the multi-ethnic population. Of course the fabled pre-sale of Normandy and Brittany enjoy a world-wide reputation due to their diet on the sea-water inundated marshlands. The salt that permeates the live animal imparts a completely different and unforgettable taste. New Zealand lamb is consistent but relatively bland. Australian lamb has a better taste, but tends to be tougher than New Zealand. In both countries but especially in New Zealand, lamb raising and processing is a highly developed industry that supplies many Middle-Eastern countries including Iran which happens to be one of their best customers.